Hey folks,

Just a heads up that Debaucherous Soccer is canceled today due to OPPRESSIVE RAIN.

Stay tuned for another time when we can run around in the sunshine.



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“Hot nails! Wanna fist?”


Some button making ideas for the Are You Queer Enough? discussion and Button Making on Saturday, July 2nd!

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Violence Against Queer and Trans* Communities in Halifax: A Statement from Queer and Rebel Days

An act of violence has shaken many citizens of Halifax this month. In the middle of the night on Tuesday June 14th Chris Cochrane was shot in the supposed safety of her own home. This has left many members of the queer community and trans community questioning whether we ourselves are safe walking down our streets, in our bars, or even in our own homes.

What is also disturbing is how the media and police have reacted to the situation. News articles covering the attack are focusing unnecessarily on Cochrane’s identity as a queer person, a trans person, and a drag queen. Headlines such as “Drag queen was victim of shooting” sensationalize Cochrane as a queer and trans women. This is part of a process known as ‘othering’, which is the deliberate marginalization of people by constant, irrelevant, reference to aspects of their lives. It serves to create alienation, distrust, and isolation, without focusing on the actual crime committed. While Cochrane’s identity as a queer and trans woman is a factor that needs to be addressed, not making it the main focus of media representation draws attention away from the violence committed against her.

Simultaneously, both the police and the press are engaging in victim blaming, searching for other motivating factors, while refusing to name this what it very clearly is – a hate crime. Victim blaming is when the victim of the crime is held responsible for the incident because of their behaviour, appearances, or identity. New articles have included comments from neighbours who state that the “the smell of drugs wafts throughout the building.” Interviewers have also asked Cochrane herself whether drugs were involved, to which she responded, “The only drugs that are in my apartment is estrogen and . . . a testosterone blocker. So unless they want to turn into women, I don’t really think they were after what I have in my apartment.”

What we do know is that the two men shooting into her home were screaming “tranny faggot”. However, police are still refusing to call this a hate crime. Constable Brian Palmeter said, “There’s no doubt if a derogatory statement is made, it’s unpleasant, it’s distasteful. But … you have to look at the motivation behind the incident”. As though homophobic and transphobic hate is not motivation in and of itself. Regardless of whether or not other factors were involved it is certain that Cochrane’s identity played a significant role in the violence.

As organizers of Queer and Rebel Days we believe that this was an act of intentional, targeted violence, not only against Chris Cochrane, but also against every member of the queer community and trans community in Halifax. This has been a wake-up call, reminding us the fight is not over yet. We stress the urgent and vital need for safe spaces. Our struggle is about building an empowered community where we can find the strength within ourselves and each other to be who we are. This is beyond glitter and dance parties. We urgently need to work to support each other, and keep each other safe, even in the face of extreme violence.


An injury to one is an injury to all.

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Last Planning Meeting!

This Saturday (June 25th), we’ll be holding our last planning before Queer and Rebel Days. So if you feel like you have anything you add, please join us! Organizing is open to EVERYONE, even if you don’t self-identify as a rebellious queer.


Just Us! on Spring Garden

5896 Spring Garden Road

2 – 4 pm


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What’s this!? Posters!?

Four hours later, and after listening to a combination of Katy Perry, dubstep, Motown, and broadway, we have this little selection of posters for the upcoming QARD!

(If you laugh due to the cheesiness of poster two, which was inspired by Transformers, I’ll understand.)

So here we are. If you like them, good! I’d like to hear your thoughts, suggestions, etc.


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Some new updates.

The About QARD page is no longer in existence, but we’ve put the definition right on the front page, so your question is answered as soon as you get here. We now have a full list of events if you’re curious, and if you have any questions about the safety and/or accessibility of the events, we also have a page for that.

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It lives!

Hey there!

Here we have it! A brand spankin’ new website to hold delightful information regarding the events and all such related things to Queer and Rebel Days! We haven’t gotten much info for you now at the moment, but if you’re interested you could always subscribe to our blog, enabling you to receive any and all updates as soon as they are posted!

If you have any suggestions on what you’ like to see feel free to leave a comment and we’ll try our best to get back to you!

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